Gracie E. Villarreal (’11,M.Ed. ’16)


Gracie E. Villarreal (’11,M.Ed. ’16) was recently featured in the online magazine VoyageHouston. She shared her health journey & weight loss story.  She was also recently interviewed by a local radio station KHEA Radio (via their radio station & FB live session) where she shared and answered questions about her health journey & weight loss. Her hope is that through these platforms she is able to reach others and motivate them to make healthier choices to improve their quality of life.

Villarreal says, “My health journey could have not started without UHCL-Health Services.  I give credit to the wonder team of nurses & staff at UHCL-Health Services for helping to save my life.  As part of the UH alumni, I am thankful every day that UH & UHCL-Health Services was there for me to help, guide, and consult me to better health.” More…

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