Ebubekir Orsun (M.I.E. ’08)

Dr. Ebubekir Orsun earned his Master of Industrial Engineering at University of Houston in 2008. After finishing his master’s in education at a university in Texas, he received his Doctorate in Education at Lamar University in 2016. Because he was inspired by his teacher in 7th grade, he became a Math teacher in 2006 and promoted to an Asst. Principal role in 2007 at Harmony Public Schools. After serving as an Asst. Principal for 10 years and head administrator for 2 years focusing on college and career in Texas and New Mexico Charter Schools, he recently served as a District Director of Talent and Engagement in Austin. In July 2020, he accepted a position in El Paso as Assistant Area Superintendent of College & Career: his passion is teaching with “care” and mentoring with “purpose/mission”.

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