Darrell Austin Hutto (’89, ’92)

Darrell Austin Hutto
Darrell Austin Hutto was born August 20, 1965 and passed away the week of July 1st 2020. He is survived by his son Cole Hutto of League City, Texas, Parents Darrell Lynn and Mary Hutto of Houston, Texas and brother Ross Hutto and wife Juanita of Conroe, Texas. Niece Kyndal Hutto and nephew Kai Hutto of Conroe, Texas. A host of friends and special friends Pat and Kathy Brook of Houston, Texas.
Darrell Austin was a graduate of the 1983 class of Sam Houston High School in Houston. He attended and graduated from the University of Houston with 2 Bachelor degrees. He was also a member of Mensa.
Darrell Austin was a member of the Live Oak Friends Meeting House located at 1318 West 26th Street in Houston, Texas.
Darrell Austin served his country in the United States Coast Guard for 10 years and left the Coast Guard as Bosun’s Mate. While in the Coast Guard he was involved in guarding physical assets along the Gulf Coast during the Iraqi War and also served at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.
He worked in several enterprises including Eco-Tour Guides to Costa Rica and Belize, University of Texas UTMB, sailing instructor and deep sea diver to name a few. He had a love and a knack for music even teaching himself how to play several instruments.
He had a great love for all things “water”. Whether it was surfing, sailing, snorkeling, deep sea diving, fishing, and even swimming with the sharks.
His other great love was his son Cole, who was born in 1998. He had an unconditional love for his son.
Darrell Austin was a “free spirit”. He intelligence was beyond reproach. His interests were many and he had a zest for life. He will be sorely missed by his family and friends.
A Memorial Service will be held at a later date. For those who would be interested in the Memorial Service you may contact dlhutto@comcast.net for the details.

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