William R. Tamlyn (’72)

William Randolph Tamlyn, age 70, passed away peacefully at his home on July 19th. Randy was born on October 9th, in Houston, Texas to Jean and Ron Tamlyn. He was graduated from Bellaire High School in 1967 and afterward to indulge his passion, went on a surfing trip to California and Mexico. With a degree in architecture from University of Houston, Randy was a draftsman for Fluor Engineering for 8 years. He then joined Tamlyn & Son LP, a wholesale building materials business established by his mother and father in a shack in their Bellaire back yard in 1971. Since then, TAMLYN has become a multi-million dollar, international business with a product line to match. He worked at Tamlyn & Son for almost 40 years before retiring earlier this year. Randy had a long term personal relationship with Jesus Christ, attended Berachah Church and listened to their Bible tapes for many years. He is survived by his three brothers and their wives, Rusty and Kendall, Tom and Cindy, and Ronnie and Elizabeth. As well, Randy loved his many nieces, nephews, and cousins. Randy was predeceased by his mother, Jean Reynolds Tamlyn and his father, Ronald Harry Tamlyn Sr. The family would like to acknowledge their appreciation to Miguel Gonzales who was like a brother to Randy and Margaret Cotter for her long term friendship.

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