Helga Fuller (M.Ed ’66)

Helga Flo Dickerson passed peacefully in her sleep on Tuesday morning, July 21, 2020. Helga was born on April 10, 1930 in Clovis, New Mexico, and had a full life with many wonderful friends and relatives. Helga grew up in eastern New Mexico. Both of her parents, Samuel Claud and Cula Wall were school teachers. Claud was also a Church of Christ Minister. Helga had a large contingent of relatives in western Oklahoma who were farmer/ranchers. The social and spiritual fabric of their lives was an extremely important part of Helga’s connection to “Home”, from childhood to passing Helga always loved music and plants. She began playing piano at 5 and never really stopped. As a school teacher, she taught music to many students. Helga loved to attend musicals and concerts; for many decades, she and husband, E.T. Dickerson, were season ticket holders to both. Helga always had a green thumb. She loved red roses and usually had about 50 rose bushes to keep her company. In her later years, she loved viewing beautiful, verdant landscapes while traveling As most of us are, Helga was faced with many challenges over the years. She was always able to accept the reality of a challenge, and to meet it. When Helga’s first husband, Walker Pearson Fuller, Jr. died suddenly of a heart attack, she courageously moved forward continuing to teach and raise two young sons. Although Helga had received a B.S. in Education from Texas Tech University at age 21, she returned to school and earned an M.Ed. from the University of Houston-all the time, continuing to teach Several years later, Helga met and later married E.T. Dickerson, her husband of 43 years. They wanted to have a child of their own; unfortunately, their first, April Dickerson, died at birth. Three years later, the joy of their lives, Angela V. Dickerson, was born! Helga and E.T. devoted themselves to Angie for the rest of their lives When E.T. Dickerson died suddenly in 2011, Helga once again accepted the burden of reality and maintained a home for Angie. Several years later, she moved to an assisted-living facility. Helga had several major health challenges during that time including a hip replacement, and a 20 day hospital stay for pneumonia-she recovered completely from both. Even with the memory trials of aging, Helga always retained her social graces and remained the sweet, pleasant person we all knew. Spending time with Helga was always a treasured time! Helga was preceded in death by her husband E.T. Dickerson, parents Claud and Cula Wall, brother Leon Wall, mother-in-law Velma Dickerson, and grandson Jon Fuller. Helga is survived by her children, Tony Fuller, Mike Fuller, and Angie Dickerson, grandchildren Jeremy Fuller and Jimmy Fuller, and great grandchildren Camryn Fuller, Samantha Fuller, Kaden Fuller, Jon Fuller, and Kirk Fuller.

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