Michael P. Goetti (’05)

Michael Philip Goetti was born in DeKalb, Illinois on March 9th 1979. His delighted parents Hans Rudolph Goetti and Maria Anna Goetti had just immigrated from Switzerland and Holland a year prior. A few years later, his sister Carolyn Sabrina Goetti was born. Michael had fond memories of his early childhood living in the country on a huge acreage lot, and playing in the snow during the long winter seasons. At the age of 8, the Goetti family moved to Houston, Texas where he grew up to be a fine young gentleman. From his father’s influence, Michael became a wiz with computers at an early age. He loved coding. “Creating something from nothing, and watch it come to life!” is something he used to say. He graduated “ Summa Cum Laude”  ( top of his class ) from The University of Houston with a Bachelor’s in Science for Information Technology. Music was extremely important to him as well, and gave him a sense of connection to this world, and especially to all his wonderful friends. Michael’s genuinely kind and humorous nature was the reason why he was loved by so many. Through the same circle of friends, he met his wife Beatrice Gabriella Goetti. They loved each other very much, and were married for almost 16 years. Their son Alexandre Ioan Goetti, who is now 11, was born in 2008. Michael will be greatly missed by his family here in America, but also by all his amazing family in Switzerland and Holland as well.

Michael Philip Goetti is preceded in death by his father Hans Rudolph Goetti and grandparents Irma Josephine Goetti,  Willem and Boukje de Boer.


Survived by

Wife: Beatrice Gabriella Goetti

Son: Alexandre Ioan Goetti



Grandfather: Ernst Goetti – Vetter

Aunt and Uncle : Ernst and Annamaria Goetti- Sambucco,

cousins : Barbara and Stefano Potenza , Esther and Genc Goetti- lleshaj

And their families


Maternal side


Mother: Maria Anna Goetti

Sister: Carolyn Sabrina Goetti

Aunt and Uncle : Martha and Jeroen Pot- de Boer,

Cousins : Jeroen and Jenneke Pot, Martijn and Ellen Pot, Lidewij and Johan de Graaf

And their families


In Laws


Parents: Robert and Marinella monk

Brothers: Richard and Philippe Monk

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