Juanita J. Hall (M.Ed. ’14)



July 2019 – Became Editorial Review Board Member for Journal of College Academic Support Programs (J-CASP).

Also presented at University of Houston 6th Annual Innovative Teaching and Learning Symposium (ILTS), April 2019 – titled “Student Success Strategies: Evoking Powerful Interdependence”, the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA) 34th Conference, Racing Toward Student Success Conference, October 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky – titled “Bringing Old School Back: POP – Power of the Planner”, and was approved to present for the Association for the Coaching and Tutoring Profession (ACTP) in Atlanta, Georgia, March 2020 but it was cancelled do to Covid.

February 2020 – Keynote Speaker at Louisiana State University in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Message from Juanita:

Communication has always been my #1 leadership skill and once again it proved to be helpful in 2019, when I spearheaded UH’s Women’s Basketball Mentor Program in 2019 including matching 99% of mentors to players.

Collaborated with another UH campus division and brought UH First Gen Champion program to fruition 2019. It has been greatly successful.

Professor Hall Planner to be released soon! Created intentionally to be the best time management tool for a productive and successful year. Finally, a motivating time management tool designed to help turn stress into success, make strategic, smart and significant choices for success in college and manage time to increase productivity, and do it all easily. It is a one of a kind, work-life, personal ‘strategic’ planner/organizer to identify goals, build a strategy to execute the steps to achieve them, and then create the systems to repeat success steps for optimal performance every day. It is a remarkable planner that is full of PROVEN student success strategies, tips and tools that will keep students on track managing day-to-day tasks toward achieving academic, personal and professional goals.


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