Bryan Chisom Njoku (’20)

Bryan was born December 6, 1996 in St. Luke’s Hospital in Houston the third son of Bernadine Obiageri Njoku and Marcel Ike Njoku. He spent his growing up years here in Houston, attending Mission Bend Elementary School, then Crockett Middle School, and Travis High School, before graduating from Stephen Austin High School.

After High School he enrolled at Texas A&M in Corpus Christie before moving to the University of Houston and graduating with a degree in Public Health. He had an internship that he was completing, and was looking forward to starting his career.

Bryan loved playing basketball with his friends, working out, and had a desire to be a Personal Trainer; and was doing classes to get his certification. He loved his friends, and liked to be the person who helped. No matter who you were, he had a way of making people feel good about themselves, and wasn’t a person to ever judge somebody else.

He was dedicated, ambitions, strong hearted, and never gave up.He had so many plans for his future, and we are all broken hearted that he never got the opportunity to live his dreams.

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