Jesse Griffith (M.Arch ’81)

Jesse Griffith

JANUARY 2, 1941 – OCTOBER 19, 2020

Colleague and Classmate John S. Robertson (March ’81) wrote the following about classmate Jesse Griffith:

Jesse Griffith was a classmate of mine in the Master of Architecture Program.  Jesse passed away on Monday, October 19, 2020 after a sudden decline in his heath.

In 1978 Jesse enrolled in the 3 year Master of Architecture Program Summer Pre-request curriculum and graduated on time in August 1981 with his MARCH Degree.  We were lab design partners during that time and became great friends that spanned over 40+ years.

Like all of us that enrolled and graduated from the 3 year Master of Architecture Program, it gave us a second chance in a new career.  Jesse’s career was non-traditional but without the UofH Masters program none of that would have been possible. He had many exciting career experiences.

We were very fortunate to have an excellent graduate school faculty. A list of Who’s Who design professors – Shafik Rifaat, Bob Timme, John Perry, Bruce Webb, Bob Lindsey just to name a few.

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