Kathryn M. Wohnoutka (’91, M.S. ’94)

Kathryn published her first book, Whole, Single, Free, ME! An Escape from Domestic Abuse, the story of her first abusive marriage and her recovery. The book includes her time at the University of Houston where she bloomed and healed.
She wrote the book for two reasons:

  • To empower those traveling a similar road to survive and grow.
  • To help their friends and loved ones understand and support the abused person in their recovery.

Her book includes the following delightful story from her time at U of H:

I asked my school friend one day, “Have you ever snapped a snapdragon?” We had a long break before our next class at the
University of Houston, where we were both students, and it was a beautiful day. She asked me, “What’s a snapdragon?” With
that question, we were on our way across campus to a beautiful batch of yellow, pink, and orange snapdragons in front of the
U of H library. We sat in the middle of the flowers laughing for over thirty minutes while I taught her the art of snapping
a snapdragon…

Kathryn is a past president of U of H Beta Alpha Psi, a CPA, and currently Senior Manager at Oracle Corporation where she has worked for 23 years.

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