Sonja Leah Glauser (’93)

Sonja Leah Glauser, 59, passed away on Sunday, November 22, 2020, following a car accident. Sonja was born to Pete and June Glauser on August 29, 1961. She was a graduate of the University of Houston and taught English at University High School for many years. Sonja was a gifted & dedicated teacher who loved each of her students dearly. Her legacy will live on in each of the lives she touched. She was a member of Antioch Community Church Sonja was preceded in death by her parents, Pete and June. She is survived by her family: Stacy Diaz, Kara & Stan Schug, Lisa Johnson, Mike Diaz, Paul & Tiffany Diaz, Matthew Johnson and Skye GuerreroTo honor Sonja’s memory, contributions can be made to Compassion Ministries in Waco, TX. Attached is the link to donate ( join us to celebrate the life of Sonja on Saturday, November 28th at 11:30 MTN / 12:30 CT via Zoom. The service may be viewed using this link:

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