Ali Dhanani (’90)

Bauer alum Ali Dhanani  was a recipient of the HBJ Most Admired CEO Award.  He is CEO of Haza Foods LLC

The Q&A can be found below

What was the biggest lesson you
learned about yourself during the
pandemic and how did that affect
your leadership style?

I learned not to
take anything for granted. I started to
appreciate everything in life, especially
my family, friends and people who
work with me and for my company. It
shed light on how at the blink of an
eye, things can change and nothing is
in our control.

What changes made during the
pandemic do you intend to keep?

Before, I would never have thought of
allowing people to work from home;
however, I plan to continue allowing a
hybrid model of coming to the office
and working from home.

What is your leadership philosophy?

Empower your people and set them up
for success. You take care of them, and
they will take care of your business!

What advice would you give to
emerging leaders?

Have passion for
what you do. Work hard, as there are
no shortcuts to success. Be patient and
stay humble.
How do you relax/unwind?

Family,prayers, exercise, food, music and

Who would play you in a movie?

Robert Downey Jr! I feel he
has a serious side, yet a bit of light
heartedness, style and swag — and,
of course, he does play my favorite
superhero: Iron Man!

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