Amanda H. Tullos (’03)

Hines College of Architecture alum Amanda H. Tullos was a recipient of the HBJ Most Admired CEO Award. She is CEO and principal at GreeNexus Consulting LLC.


The Q&A can be found below

What was the biggest lesson you
learned about yourself during the pandemic and
how did that affect your leadership style?

The pandemic revealed how we deal with multiple
emergencies at one time; and our
ability to see how they connect.
What changes made during the
pandemic do you intend to keep?
We will continue to work in the cloud
for those that prefer it. We changed
our weekly calls to half developmental
topics and half check-ins, instead of
dividing our team into smaller groups,
like what many businesses suggest. I
want to keep us as a focused whole,
even if only a few folks check in every
other week. This gives us time to learn
together and be a resource to each
other for solutions.
What has surprised you the most
since becoming a top executive?
The mindset change has surprised
me the most. When I first started the
company, I felt the need to be the
subject matter expert on all things
sustainability, but over time, I learned
to delegate and be the leader so
that others can grow. My focus is on
breaking barriers to growth for both
the company and our team.
What advice would you give to
emerging leaders? Care about your
team. Find out who they are, what they
love, and what their goals are. Each
person is unique and has their own
goals. Remember that everyone is free
to leave your company and should be
appreciated as such!

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