Stacey Neal Mayfield Combest (’87)

Governor Greg Abbott has appointed Stacey Neal (Mayfield) Combest to the Texas Commission on Special Education Funding for a term at the pleasure of the Governor. The commission studies, discusses, and addresses specific policy issues and develops recommendations to address issues related to special education funding.

Stacey Neal (Mayfield) Combest of Huntsville is an ADR Certified Mediator and a member of the Texas Association of Mediators. She is a parent and guardian of a son with severe IDD. She is legislative director for the Denton State Supported Living Center Family Association, legislative committee member of Parents and Allies for Remarkable Texans, and the former President of Texans for State Supported Living Centers. She is a Texan advocate for Voice of Reason and previously served on the Long-Term Care Subcommittee reporting to the Committee for Children with Special Needs (SB 643), and she continues to educate our state legislators to successfully pass pro-disability legislation. Stacey received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Houston and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of North Texas Dallas College Of Law.

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