Nathan Conrad (’05)

Hunter is pleased to announce Nathan Conrad as the blast-resistant building firm’s new vice president of operations. In his new role, the Texas native will provide support and conduct long-range planning for the organization’s operations.

Conrad maintains more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, with prior work placing him in leadership positions ranging from materials management to operations.

He joined Hunter in 2011, originally as warehouse manager, and played a critical role in developing company procurement processes. After a promotion to director of operations, Conrad successfully managed multiple departments while improving efficiency and clarity across the organization.

That first-hand experience provided Conrad a clear understanding of each role required to execute a Hunter building, and he said he plans to put the knowledge to good use in his new position.

“I’ve been deeply involved with the operational side of our company for a while now, but this new role gives me the opportunity to take that work to the next level,” explained Conrad, who earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Houston.

Company Chief Operating Officer Michael Draper congratulated his colleague for taking this next step with Hunter, noting his wealth of experience and dedication to a job done well will benefit both the company and its clients.

 “Nathan is a dedicated leader who’s always looking to learn more and grow his skill set,” Draper explained. “He’s been a tremendous asset to our team for many years already, and I’m confident he’s the right man for this new role.”

Conrad said he is excited to take on new responsibilities to guide an already successful company forward.

“Hunter has an impressive history of growth and success, and that’s no accident,” he said. “Our company has worked hard to become the industry leader it is today. I look forward to further building upon Hunter’s reputation and providing long-term value for our clients and employees.”

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