Larry McClaugherty (’72)

This Class Note is from Larry McClaugherty:

Allan Young from Illinois came in for the Final Four weekend. He was a member of the UH Freshman football class of 1967 as was I. He wanted to get together some of that fall 1967 class when he was in town. It was a busy weekend with final four, Astros, and all of us scattered.

However, four of us were able to make it. The picture includes l-r: Bill Manahan, Gary Heflin, LMc, and Allan Young. Bill played at Galena Park & now lives in Porter. Gary played at San Angelo with Gary Mullins and now lives near Floresville and Allan who played in a small town near Springfield, Illinois. He now splits time between Illinois and Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. We met for 3 hours at Demeris BBQ on the West Loop to reminisce and the stories flowed. They might have been embellished a “little” or maybe a lot.

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