Ignatius Okeze (’79)

There’s an African proverb that says, “a person whose father is in heaven does not go to hell.” That means a person who is a product of a great family, community, business, school, team or university like the University of Houston should not be left alone on a sun scorched desert. This analogy applies to my relationship to this great University of Houston.

Looking back to Saturday May 12, 1979 when I graduated from UH, I feel like God connected me to this University for a greater purpose. Back then I received amazing Letters from then UH President Philip Hoffman, from the offices of the Dean of Business College, from the Athletics Department, from the Cougar Bookstore, from General Activity and Ceremonial departments of this great academic institution. The letters were exceedingly exciting, memorable and overwhelming. The contents of the letters lifted my spirit and made me feel like I was on top of the world.

Recently I began working on a new project. The “City of Hope City of God” (CHCG) Is a vision project connecting people from all walks of life to help with the education of new generations to better know God. CHCG is unique and distinctive from existing institutions in terms of values and culture.

I have been thinking of connecting with the right UH alumni eagles (top successful UH alumni) who have acquired the knowledge, experience and wisdom to play the roles of mentors/coaches, directing and guiding me to notice possibilities, mentor/coach who will act as a resource and encourager to me; to help me see possibility blinders, help me understand different alternatives to solving problems inherent in CHCG project; mentors who will challenge me to accomplish different phases of the project within a given time period. I strongly believe (based on human history and success stories), there are such UH alumni eagles, retired or active in their careers, who will be excited and willing to help me in this regard. My challenge is finding and connecting with them. Most likely, those UH eagles are looking for me.

To find more about the project you can reach me: Dr Ignatius Okeze, passionate7b@gmail.com or P O BOX 720582, Houston, Tx. 77272

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