Steve Alexander (’72)

Steve Alexander has published “Exploring Galveston: A Naturalist’s Guide to the Island”

After growing up in Galveston and graduating from Ball High School, Steve Alexander enrolled at the University of Houston, and after four years, graduated in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. During his tenure at UH, “Marine Biology” was his favorite course, one taught by Dr. Nick Fotheringham, a recent doctoral graduate from Scripps Institute of Oceanography. The course sparked in him a desire to pursue marine sciences at the graduate level- and he did so at Louisiana State University, completing his doctoral degree in Marine Sciences in 1976.

After graduating from LSU, Dr. Alexander taught college-level courses in marine sciences for 27-years before retiring and returning to Galveston in 2005. There, he taught part-time for 13 years at Texas A&M University at Galveston while also volunteering as a Texas Master Naturalist, accumulating in excess of 2,500 volunteer hours.

His 40-years as a biologist, ecologist, marine scientist, and naturalist working on the Texas coast gave him the perfect background to write a nature guide for the Upper Texas coast. His book, Exploring Galveston: A Naturalist’s Guide to the Island, serves as an excellent resource when wandering the natural habitats of Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula.

Through his series of 25 stories, readers get an expert, guided look at the best natural wonders Galveston Island and vicinity have to offer- the Gulf beachfront, bay wetlands, local parks and preserves, and top attractions. In addition, the book describes the impact of hurricanes and oil spills on Texas coastlines and also includes maps to guide visitors, over 100 color photographs, and a list of coastal plants and animals by habitat.

Dr. Alexander is grateful to the University of Houston for his initial training in biology and for sparking in him a passion for all things marine, a passion that persists in him to this day.

Exploring Galveston: A Naturalist’s Guide to the Island is available locally at The Galveston Bookshop and online at

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