Parveen Kumar (’83)

Mr. Parveen Kumar is currently the Founder and Managing Partner of PKMK Investments, LLC with $5 million of capital investment and $12 million under management.

Mr. Kumar graduated from University of Houston in 1983 with a degree in Management Information Systems and Executive Masters in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University in 2009.

After his MIS degree in 1983, he had a very successful corporate career at Infor, Deloitte, Accenture and KPMG, then retired to start Wealth Management Company.

After retirement, he founded PKMK Investments in 2022 and grew it exponentially due to his business and entrepreneurial skills. Concurrently, since the early 2022, he has been managing portfolio’s for corporate and individuals client.

In addition, he provides leadership in organizing Community Events and is a member of Alumni with University of Houston and Southern Methodist University. Furthermore, he has published several books including, “The Greatest Economic Expansion: How Wealth was created”. He is a faculty member at Collin College.

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