Ignatius O. Okeze (’79)

Over the years I have written two books. In addition, I wrote an article, “Aim High and Soar like an Eagle” published by Toastmaster, January 2015, the magazine of Toastmasters International with a worldwide readership of over 370,000 International audience. I received great feedback from readers who were enthusiastic about it and applauded it. Last year I was invited by the president and CEO of Westchase District to speak to her Rotary Club members. I’ve been invited by the President/CEO of Harris County Houston Sports Authority (HCHSA) a number of times to give the invocation before the Board of Directors meeting.

Currently my hope is to connect with University of Houston Alumni Eagles (top successful UH alumni) who have acquired wisdom, expansive knowledge and experience. I welcome Eagles to play the roles of advocates, mentors/coaches, to direct and guide me to notice possibilities and encourage and help me understand and develop alternatives in solving problems inherent in my project – City of Hope City of God (CHCG). This is a state of the art infrastructure complex, comprising Light of Life Leadership University, Medical Center, Libraries, Ministries and a philanthropic foundation to God’s glory and for World Class education of the young and future generations of leaders. CHCG is located in Imo State, Nigeria on 11k – 16k acres of land, the size of the land area of George Bush Airport, Houston. I strongly believe (based on human history and success stories), there are many UH alumni Eagles, retired or still working in their careers, who will be excited about this project. My challenge is finding and connecting with them.

Here is a compelling message pastor Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston sent to me: “Dr Ignatius, you were called for a cause. You are anointed for a cause.
When we have a cause, we’ll believe for the impossible. So, let’s not just build our kingdom; let’s build God’s kingdom.”

The pastor’s message revitalized my vision for the project. I have always believed that the impossible is what God does.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at: Dr Ignatius Okeze, Ed.D, MBA / passionate7b@gmail.com / P.O.BOX 720582, Houston, TX 77272

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