Mejdi Kammoun (Ph.D. ’16)

The Offshore Technology Conference is honoring University of Houston alumnus Mejdi Kammoun (PhD ’16) among the conference’s 2024 Emerging Leaders. He is among an esteemed group of 11 individuals earning a spot on the 2024 list.

Mejdi Kammoun is principal engineer at the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). He earned a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from UH in 2016. At ABS, his primary responsibility involves developing regulations and requirements to ensure the safe implementation of energy storage and generation systems for marine and offshore shipping contexts.

The OTC’s Emerging Leaders program selects young professionals with fewer than 10 years of experience in the offshore energy sector who demonstrate exceptional talents, commitment and promise as future leaders.

Safety and sustainability are important issues. The drive to decarbonize the U.S. energy sector is bringing transformative changes to the offshore and marine sector. These changes can introduce new safety and health risks that need to be identified and addressed to protect workers in the industry.

“My aspirations have always centered around contributing to a safer, greener world. Whether through innovative technologies, sustainable practices or policy advocacy, my dream remains unwavering: to leave a lasting positive impact on our planet,” Kammoun said.

Kammoun has made significant contributions to the comprehensive update of the “ABS Requirements for Fuel Cell Power Systems for Marine and Offshore Applications” and “ABS Requirements for Use of Lithium-ion Batteries in the Marine and Offshore Industries.”

Kammoun gives credit to UH and Haleh Ardebili, the Kamel Salama Endowed Professor of Mechanical Engineering and assistant vice president of Entrepreneurship and Startup Ecosystem at UH, for supporting his growth and offered some advice to students:

“Establishing a robust foundation through a deep grasp of fundamental subjects like electrical theory, electromagnetics and solid-state electronics is critical for success in your electrical engineering studies,” he said.

Shi also shared some advice: “Learn, experience, connect and innovate!”

This year’s Emerging Leaders cohort will be recognized during a special ceremony during the conference on Tuesday, May 7.

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