Jason Tramonte, Jr. (’00)

Jason Tramonte Jr.

Company: Tramonte Design Studio

Website: https://www.tramontedesign.com/

Architects & Engineering | Board of Directors
Jason Tramonte Jr., District Council Chair at Urban Land Institute

Publish Date: May 9th, 2024
As owner and managing principal of Tramonte Design Studio, and Incoming District Council Chair for the Urban Land Institute of Houston, Jason Tramonte exhibits a culmination of over 25 years of experience and the ceaseless pursuit of facing new challenges. Jason excels in master-planning, ground-up build-to-suits, overseeing client relationships, and project success while flawlessly executing his well-known holistic approach to design. His active involvement with ULI and the University of Houston highlights his philanthropic nature, commitment to education, and affection for the community. A leader in both professional and civic arenas, he balances his roles with grace, enhancing projects and enriching communities. His energetic personality combined with his knowledgeable wealth of high-quality solutions are a key asset to both clients and colleagues.

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