Jeffrey “B-Boy Jeffro” Louis (’18)

A Houston break dancer is looking for his big break on first ever Olympic team
The final team will be announced later this month after the last competition of the Olympic Qualifying Series in Budapest.

Spencer Plato | Posted OnJune 12, 2024, 3:35 PM

B-Boy Jeffro is working to qualify for the first-ever breaking competition in the 2024 Olympic Games

Houston native and University of Houston alum, Jeffrey Louis, is determined to qualify for the first-ever Olympic breaking team. Breaking has been added to the 2024 Paris Games this summer, making its first appearance.

Louis, also known as B-Boy Jeffro to the breaking world, was born and raised in Alief. He says he was influenced by Houston’s culture.

“When I started breaking, I was always around different styles, and you know Houston being a melting pot of different cultures and communities and kind of dipping into each in this diverse city,” said Louis.

Louis has gained recognition in the breaking world after recent wins. He took home the silver medal at the 2023 Pan American Games and was the top American at the qualifier in Shanghai. He has one more qualifier event before the roster spots are filled. He says when he first heard breaking was going to be an Olympic sport, he knew he wanted to be involved in some way.

“I didn’t see myself as an athlete and competing, but I went in and went for it,” Louis said. “And then slowly I started to see myself progress and just dance. I started getting a lot of recognition as far as style and my movement, and then poof… we’re here competing.”

The breaking competition at the Paris Games will have a men’s and women’s event. Each event will have 16 men, known as B-Boys, and 16 women, known as B-Girls, who compete in solo battles. Athletes improvise to beats and tracks selected by a DJ while judges score off a variety of categories. Louis says he’s excited for people to be involved when it comes to breaking.

“The MCs ask you questions, you get to cheer and yell for your favorite dancers, you get to support in any way,” Louis said. “I think instantly being in Paris, if you check out the breaking space, you’re going to understand it’s a whole complete vibe and it’s going to feel like a party.”

The final team will be announced later this month after the last competition of the Olympic Qualifying Series in Budapest.

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