Gilbert Saldivar (FS ’00)

Houston native making Hollywood dreams come true, and wants to bring some of it back to Space City / Gilbert Saldivar once walked the halls of Milby High School and the University of Houston. He’s gone on to big things in Hollywood.

Author: Jennifer Reyna
Published: 8:54 AM CDT June 16, 2024
Updated: 8:54 AM CDT June 16, 2024

HOUSTON — A Houston native is using his experience of working with megastars to inspire the next generation of dancers in Space City.

Dancer and actor Gilbert Saldivar has gone from the Bayou City to the City of Angels, making his Hollywood dreams come true for years now.

Saldivar was once seen walking the halls of Milby High School and the University of Houston. That was before getting his big break. Now he’s hoping to inspire others back in his hometown.
“I want to encourage Houston creatives, not just dancers, to go after that dream because I did that back about 22 years ago and it’s still happening,” he said. “And it’s exciting.”
Saldivar has worked side by side with megastars like J-Lo, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Janet Jackson and more.

“I didn’t really know the caliber of artist I was auditioning for,” he said. “And I think that made it easier for me.”

He says that lack of fear set him apart from others auditioning when he first started, but it all goes back to things he learned right here in Houston, as he spent time preparing for the opportunities he’d later have. It started when he was just five years old, hanging out in the back of his sister’s folklorico classes, learning the moves for fun.

Saldivar says his community played a big role in his success. He was a recipient of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo scholarship, which propelled him in the right direction. He then took his dancing talents to the Houston Rockets and Comets, then later to California, landing on stages like the 2024 Oscars.

“So I was one of the cowboys back there dancing with Ryan Gosling,” he said.
He’s also in “This Is Me,” a movie based on Jennifer Lopez’s latest album. Needless to say, his dreams have turned into reality.

Now his eyes are set on Houston.

“I want local artists to know that we can be creative here at home, and if, for whatever reason, your situation doesn’t allow you to move to Los Angeles or New York or Miami, that we can create stuff here,” he said. “So I’m trying my best to kind of bring it back home, to bring that that community of artists that I step into in L.A., I want to feel that here at home.”

So he is putting his star power to good use.
“Now I feel like I want to lay a more solid foundation where where I provide a space where I bring L.A. acting coaches and musicians and singers and actors to collaborate with local talent.”

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