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Class Notes is a dedicated space for alumni to share factual information about accomplishments and milestones such as promotions, awards/honors, career moves, wedding and birth announcements. Class Notes are considered for publication use throughout the University of Houston in print and digital formats.

Ricky Lenz (’75)

I am in my 47th year as a pharmacist. I am the pharmacist in charge of Rogers Pharmacy #3. I …

Jorge De La Fuente (’15)

The Law Office of Alex Martinez is pleased to announce that Jorge De La Fuente has joined the firm as …

Joseph G. Ginn (’52)

Joseph G. Ginn (’52)

Joseph G. Ginn, Sr.February 2, 1932 March 26, 2022Joseph George Ginn, Sr, 90, passed away on March 26, 2022 in …

Kathy (’79) and Larry (’72) McClaugherty

The Hill Country Houston Cougars gathered at the Backwoods BBQ on Saturday, June 18, 2022 to meet, enjoy great Backwoods …

Tarush Anand (’03, J.D. ’06)

McGlinchey’s Tarush Anand Elected to National Retail & Restaurant Defense Association’s Board HOUSTON (June 2022) — McGlinchey is pleased to …

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