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Class Notes is a dedicated space for alumni to share factual information about accomplishments and milestones such as promotions, awards/honors, career moves, wedding and birth announcements. Class Notes are considered for publication use throughout the University of Houston in print and digital formats.

James M. Felsman (’50)

James M. Felsman (’50)

James M. (Jim) Felsman passed away peacefully on March 29, 2021 surrounded by his immediate family at Westminster Village where …

Shane Ros (’14) and Ashley Grijalva (’18)

Shane Ros and Ashley Grijalva wed on April 3, 2021 in Gulf Shores, AL. The Katy, TX native, Shane was …

Susan Soto (M.Ed ’99)

Susan Soto (M.Ed ’99)

UH Grad Susan Soto was selected to Rising Stars for 2021. Rising Stars is an exclusive list of top-rated attorneys …

David Baluk (J.D. ’11)

The law firm of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner is proud to announce that David Baluk has joined …

Louis H. Green M.D. (’47)

1923-2020 Louis Harry Green, M.D., died on May 21, 2020, in his native city of Houston, Texas. Born on January …

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