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Class notes, in print and online, are a way to share what’s going on in your life with your alma mater and classmates. Class Notes rely upon an environment of trust and mutual respect for the rights, differences, and dignity of others; of free expression and inquiry; and with a commitment to truth, excellence, and personal accountability. The views and opinions expressed by alumni are theirs alone, and are not endorsed by and should not be ascribed to UH or UHAA.

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The spirit of these restrictions is to create a positive reading experience for all visitors.

We have implemented automated measures to detect submissions that may violate these terms. Any submission flagged by these measures is held for review before it can become publicly visible. We try to review submissions promptly during normal business hours, but cannot guarantee a turnaround time.

If you see any content you believe to be in violation of these policies, please contact us at Email:
We ask for your email address and phone number so that we can contact you if we have any questions. We do not share this information with parties outside the UH community.

All notes are considered for publication in AlumLine or other university publications. However, we do not guarantee inclusion, neither in a particular issue nor at any time. Submissions that are included may be edited to fit the allotted space.

Our editors may select a handful of notes of special interest for highlighting, either online or in print. Selections are at the sole discretion of our editors.

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Content guidelines

Please ensure your note adheres to the following guidelines for the relevant category:

Academic Accomplishment

Include the date, name of the school/institution, and the degree or honor received.


Include the full name of the child and the date he/she was born. If you want to include the infant’s siblings, please specify their names and ages.


Use this category for promotions, new positions, etc. We suggest you include your job title, company name, description of the position, location, and/or previous position, as appropriate.


For books, please include the title, the names of any coauthors, the publisher, date published, and any other books you’ve written. For papers, articles, or other publications, please include the title of your work; where it may be found (e.g. the name of the magazine or journal in which it appears); the volume, issue, and date (if published in a periodical); and any other information needed to cite your work.


Include the company name and date of retirement. We encourage you to include a little about your latest position, or a brief narrative of your career trajectory.


Include the date of the wedding and your spouse’s name (if an alumnus/a, please include their school and class year). Due to space restrictions in the print magazine, we do not include the location of the wedding or names of people in the wedding party or who attended.


Include full title of Honor received and full name of awarding entity along with dates and explanation.


Include location and dates.


We will publish as many photos as possible, but due to space limitations and reproduction-quality requirements, we are not able to publish every photo. Photos cannot be returned. To have your photo considered for publication, it must meet these requirements:

  • Group photos of alumni gatherings, including weddings, will be considered. Please include everyone’s full name (first, maiden, last), year of graduation and background information on the gathering.
  • Digital photos submitted must be high-quality jpegs of at least 300 dpi (or a file size of 1mb or higher).

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