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Ricky Lenz (’75)

I am in my 47th year as a pharmacist. I am the pharmacist in charge of Rogers Pharmacy #3. I work there on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesdays, I work as a consultant
pharmacist for the South Texas Eye Surgicenter. I have been working at the South Texas Eye Surgicenter for 35 years. I work at Rogers #6 (in Edna, Texas) from 9-1. I am a long-time member
of the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (50 years), and I am a member of the Texas Pharmaceutical Association (50 years). I am Fellow in the Academy of Consultant Pharmacists.
I turned 70 this year and am still work full-time. I plan to keep working as long as my health holds out.
I have been married for 44 years to Carol Ann Lenz. We have one son, Joseph, who graduated (magna cum laude) in 2006 with a double degree in Classics (Latin & Greek), and German. Joseph
is a Phi Beta Kappa.
The University of Houston College of Pharmacy prepared me well for my pharmacy career. UH is a great university which I support financially every year. I am proud to be a graduate of UH.
Keep up the great work.

Royce Heslep (’77)

Cougar Pride at the top of Texas
The trip to the top was a 8.4 mile round trip hike. It took about 9 hours. We stayed at the top for over an hour flying the UH flag. Kathleen Heslep MBA 1990 / Blake Heslep BSEE 2018 /Royce Heslep BBA 1977

Lyle Oelfke (’55)

UH graduate Lyle Oelfke, at the age of ninety, has written a very interesting book
about his life’s adventures and his accomplishments. He did this all during
this pandemic. A book of 190 pages all typed with one finger. It’s titled :
WHAT A BOOK an Extrtraordinary Life Relived for You IN Bits and Pieces.
It takes you from horse drawn transportation to the jet planes of today.
Stories of adventures from the 21 countries he has visited…his many death
defying close calls…his military service and what he has done for his
country and his community….his business career…how he acquired in his
life a four story castle mansion over looking a lake and how he owned a
restaurant in Fort Worth. The book is now available on Amazon.

Marla-Tiye Vieira (M.Ed. ’03)

Celebrated Author’s Bittersweet Pilgrimage To South Africa
When celebrated American author Marla-Tiye Vieira recently made a pilgrimage to Cape Town to celebrate her mother’s life, she reached out to White Shark Projects to rekindle a friendship that began 13 years ago.

A Mother And Daughter’s Adventure With White Shark Projects Remembered
Marla had travelled to South Africa with her late mum way back then, and after her death six years ago vowed to return to the place where they had shared wonderful adventures, which included shark cage diving in Kleinbaai with White Shark Projects.

Rekindling Friendships After 13 Years
When White Shark Projects’ Jessica Smit received the call, she was so blown away by the story that she invited Marla to Kleinbaai as a special guest of the company. It was a bittersweet reunion, one where an emotional farewell took place out at sea when Marla released her mum’s ashes into the ocean.

The White Shark Projects team wishes Marla safe travels wherever life may lead her and look forward to seeing her again one day.

Jasmine Breeze (a story by Marla-Tiye Viera)
Marla-Tiye Vieira’s inspirational book Jasmine Breeze deals with oppression caused by gender and race inequality in modern-day society. The work has been described by critics as a great international love story and has received five-star reviews.

“This is a story about Jasmine from Southern Louisiana, her mother a third-generation Irish American, her father an African American, his grandmother a Chippewa Native American, and his grandfather who was the first African American in Louisiana to start his own law firm. Jasmine is studying in Spain where she meets Jose all the while holding secrets about her life and who she really is inside, afraid to share her true self with her family. She learns there are people close to her in her family holding their own secrets as well, this is a story about racism, secrets, love, and the struggles of finding your true self with twists along the way. I enjoyed this read along with appreciating the writing style, was an easy read and I would recommend it to anyone. I definitely will be looking forward to other books from this author.” Phyllis Watson (Rated Five-Stars)

“This author really encapsulates human suffering and guides us on how to make authentic connections. I enjoyed reading every page and I did not want the story to end. Vieira writes with inspiration and excitement. Her travel descriptions make you feel that you are actually a part of the setting. I highly recommend this text to one and all.” Carol (Rated Five-Stars)

Recommended Reading
The White Shark team highly recommend Marla’s book, which is available in paperback and Kindle and can be ordered via Amazon here.

Thomas Fenske (’76, ’77)

Thomas Fenske is the author of of six novels and one cookbook. He is originally from Texas but currently lives in North Carolina. His TRACES OF TREASURE Series follows Sam Milton and Smidgeon Toll, somewhat reluctant treasure hunters. THE HAG RIDER is civil war historical fiction about a young boy’s experiences after enlisting in the Confederate Cavalry, all the while under the protection of a slave’s witchcraft. HARMON CREEK explores a decade’s-old murder in rural Texas and the sordid conspiracy that follows. HARMON CREEK is his first novel in the crime/true crime genre, inspired by the mysterious death of his wife’s great-uncle. HARMON CREEK will be available from Amazon or any local bookstore in June 2022

Thomas Fenske

Howard Joe (’75)

My 1st and 2nd edition books “Essential Guide to Treat Diabetes and to Lower Cholesterol” now have been verified and confirmed by more than 20 clinical trials of correct books’ methods as cited on Facebook, Amazon, and Linkedin. The clinical trials verify and confirm that soluble fiber and magnesium lower blood glucose and A1C and soluble fiber decreases cholesterol.

Demetrius Pearson (’90)

Dr. Pearson, associate professor in HHP and lifetime alumni association member, recently published a book titled Black Rodeo in the Texas Gulf Coast Region: Charcoal in the Ashes. The work is the culmination of a 20-year study on Black rodeo.

Larry McClaugherty (’72) and Kathy McClaugherty (’70)

On Tuesday, February 22nd at 1 p.m., the McClaughertys, CAMP leadership and its Board of Directors will unveil the new  monument—a huge boulder embossed with “Children’s Association for Maximum Potential” and its colorful logo, in honor of their son Neal who enjoyed ten years there, as a Camper.  CAMP’s summer camp is located in Centerpoint TX, in the Texas Hill Country.

 Neal’s life story is eloquently captured in the book “Neal:  Champion,” written by Larry & Kathy McClaugherty “and 21 of Neal’s closest friends” including Hope de Lemos, a former CAMP Director and daughter of a CAMP Co-Founder, who says she “became absolutely smitten with a young man with an infectious smile and charming disposition….Neal was an extraordinary testimony to intelligence and wit.  He knew how to command a room, and without fail, was one of the biggest flirts known around our little slide of heaven.” Neal’s short bio is below.

Larry said this to me about CAMP:  “Quite simply, the culture at CAMP is love.  Being at CAMP is like a religious experience.  It gets in your blood and changes you; you measure things differently.  It changes how you see kids….and life.”

Just as Neal spread joy while at CAMP, so have his parents.  Besides this incredible welcome monument (which is such a fitting tribute to Neal who welcomed everyone with his huge infectious smile), Larry and Kathy have been involved at CAMP for years:

  • coordinated the CAMP golf tournament for 11 years at Tapatio Springs,
  • engaged pharmacist friend Trang Le in Pearland who helped provide over-the-counter medications and whose daughter attended CAMP several summers as a counselor
  • established summer rotation with Pharmacy students who did rotations with Larry, starting with U of Houston and growing to UT and Texas Tech.  Two former students still work at CAMP:  Genee Nguyen Santiago, Pharm. D.  (who has brought students) and Sara Wisecup Kubes, Pharm.D., Clinical Assistant Professor at UT Health San Antonio (who also brings students)
  • served for a number of years on CAMP Board
  • has annually supported CAMP through all memorials and giving at the yearly Gala
  • recognized by the United Way in San Antonio as the Volunteer Family of the Year (even though they lived in Friendswood TX at the time but traveled six hours to bring Neal to CAMP)
  • honored in 2012 with the CAMP Heroes Award for their unwavering support of CAMP

Marla-Tiye Vieira (M.Ed. ’03)

A longtime Ahwatukee resident has penned her first novella and she’s chosen some heavy topics to explore in it.

Marla-Tiye Vieira, a New Jersey native who has lived here for 17 years, teaches English as a second language and has had students from around the world.

Her novella, “Jasmine Breeze” – which is available at, is about a biracial and bisexual young woman living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, during the 1990’s.

She is conflicted by her sexuality because of her religious roots and the socio-demographics surrounding her.

“She discovers her mother’s diary, which reveals dark secrets of incest, conflicts within Northern Ireland and hardships regarding Irish immigration are just to name a few compelling instances in the book,” said Vieira.

“The chapters are lyrical songs representing the plots. The readership will experience exotic places:  Spain, Morocco, Australia, Great Britain and San Diego, California,” she said. “Jasmine finally has to make a vital decision because her life depends on it.”

The book was partially inspired by her past academic career.

Vieira taught French for Teach for America in Southern Louisiana and said she “met some female French teachers who were openly bisexual.”

“These women broke stereotypes about being gay due to their immense beauty and femininity,” she recalled. “The race relations were just as horrific during my term with TFA due to the O.J. Simpson trial, as they are today.”

Lest you think Vieira is a desk-bound academic, however, consider this description on Olympia Publishing’s website:

“I am fascinated with culture, food and foreign travel. In Darwin, Australia, I did the ‘cage of death’ with a giant salt-water crocodile by the name of Leo and relished delectable cuisines. Yet, my favorite vacation was when I cage-dived near Cape Town, South Africa, with two female great white sharks with my mother during the Christmas holiday.”

With a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and French from Howard University and a master’s in second language education in curriculum and instruction from the University of Houston, Vieira excited about publishing her novella.

She said the pandemic actually helped her complete this “internal and external lyrical journey of self-discovery, secrets, joy and pain with sultry and exotic Jasmine.”

“The positive aspect of the lock downs during COVID-19 was that it allowed me to finally complete my manuscript,” she said.

Her target audience is 18 and older.

“Centenarians will also enjoy my book

due to its historic nuances,” she said, adding:

“My book aims to embrace anyone who feels ostracized and/or oppressed within their respective communities. I hope to create world peace.

“Although my novella took 25 years to complete, I did not face any major obstacles meeting this particular task.

“I love writing because it is very therapeutic for me to give birth to fictional characters making life-altering choices.  These vital decisions affect the entire characterization and plot in unpredictable ways for me as the author.”

She also loves to travel and discover exotic cuisines and was even featured with the Valley super chef Mark Tarbell on PBS.

She said “Jasmine Breeze” “saliently delineates the current acrimonious race relations occurring worldwide – the hostility between Northern Ireland and England, racism towards the African-Diaspora, religious intolerance and homophobia.

“My book offers ways to overcome these challenges and begin a trajectory of unification.

James Nguyen (J.D. ’18)

James Nguyen Selected to HYLA Leadership Academy Class of 2021-2022


We are pleased to announce that Sorrels Law’s Attorney James Nguyen has been selected to the prestigious Houston Young Lawyers Association (HYLA) Leadership Academy. The mission of HYLA’s Leadership Academy is to prepare young attorneys for leadership roles in HYLA and other organizations through a service-oriented leadership training program.

During the tenure of the Academy, members will have the chance to practice and develop their leadership skills while working together to develop and execute a service project designed to leave a lasting impact on both the Academy members and the community.


Applicants are selected based on several criteria including leadership skills, abilities, and potential; achievements and accomplishments; and community and bar involvement. A dedicated Houstonian, James received his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Houston in 2015 and his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston Law Center in 2018. James was a Dean’s Scholarship recipient in law school, he served as a Senior Articles Editor on the Houston Business & Tax Law Journal and was a member of the Asian Law Student Association.

Today, James is an active committee member of the Asian American Bar Association of Houston and serves as an Assistant Alumni Advisor to the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. His family lives in Houston and he and his wife are active in the Vietnamese and Chinese community.